About Covelo
Come closer to Covelo through its parishes and discover everything they have to offer.
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Piñeiro - See photos

fotografia Located 9 km from the municipal capital, it lies in the foothills of the Sierra del Suido (a Protected Natural Site). One of the most interesting places is A Guía de Piñeiro (a peak of 500 m) where there is a chapel on an old fort where a Bronze Age axe was discovered by a amateur. We can also find stone crosses and a paved road.

From the aforementioned peak we have a clear view of the parish and its numerous woods. It is attractive to watch the people going about their daily work.

Its towns and places of interest are: A Bazoca, O Cabo, Os Carballos, O Coto Pequeno, O Cruceiriño, O Stone cross, A Curuxeira, O Eido do Crego.

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