Galicia is well known for its excellent gastronomy and Covelo is a clear example of the excellence of Galician cuisine: the best meats, both cattle and game, as well as sweet water fish, such as the delicious lamprey are some of its specialties.
gastronomiaLocal development is based on cattle raising and the best example of this is the pure bred Rubia Gallega breed that can be seen grazing in numerous meadows throughout the municipality.

For pure tradition, ham, homemade chorizo and pork dishes have a special flavour in the Paradanta zone. In addition beef, in particular the Rubia Gallega, acquires a special taste in the region.

Lamb, which for many years was the favourite delicacy at weddings and on feast days, is now the jewel in the crown of local gastronomy. Its simple preparation was for generations handed down from mother to daughter who took great care of the soft meat of the lambs so that their full flavour could be enjoyed.

Another example of survival is “carne ó caldeiro”, which is simply meat cooked with potatoes and “unto” or pork fat, but acquires the category of a four-fork dish when it is prepared in Covelo.

The typical Galician stews are also represented in the gastronomy of Covelo, as are, of course the trout of the River Tea, which are highly sought after and appreciated to enjoy with Barciademera wines, which on the verge of receiving official denomination status, acquire the taste of their particular county, fruity, light and slightly aromatic.

Another of the reference points of Covelo gastronomy is game. The municipality contains various game preserves that are full of rabbits and to a lesser extent, partridges. There are several officially authorised wild boar hunts throughout the year in which magnificent examples are taken.

With the arrival of the first cold weather, from the beginning of November, an event that is still common throughout rural Galicia takes place: the slaughtering of the pigs. Thanks to this deeply rooted tradition you can enjoy homemade stews in most of the good restaurants of the region as well as of course pork loin, meat and onion chorizo, bacon, pork dishes, St John's Bone and a long list of local country produce.

Some of our Casas de Comidas, (eating houses) specialise in lamb, others concentrate on the aforementioned stews, ordered in advance, to guarantee a table and allow time to find the best quality for the essential ingredients. You can also find stuffed lampreys, top quality red meat and beef, tapas and home cooking, free-range eggs and chicken, as well as far more top quality produce.

Gastronomic establishments in Covelo


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