About Covelo
Come closer to Covelo through its parishes and discover everything they have to offer.
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fotografia This is one of the furthest parishes from the municipal capital adjacent to the municipality of Avion in the province of Ourense. The town is crowned by the highest peak in the province of Pontevedra. The Faro de Avion (the Faro of Avion). The foothills of the Faro de Avion often appear covered by a white blanket. We can drink pure water from the source of the River Tea and there are also huge native forests such as the so-called "Carballeira do Rei" or Coveliño Forest.

The most important festival is the procession of the Virgin of Xestosa that enjoys a long popular tradition.

Its towns and places of interest are: As Carvallas, Carballeira, Cende, A Costiña, Coveliño, Fondo de Vila, A Fraga, Os Loureiros, Outeiro, A Presa, O Toxaliño, As Veigas do Chan. .


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