Celebrations and Pilgrimage
The municipality of Covelo is a compendium of living culture and traditions. The first procession arrives with the coming of the good weather.
25 July the patron saint's day fiesta and the festival of the steak are celebrated. This gastronomic festival dates back to the mid-eighties and the fact that it coincides with the feast day of the patron saint, James, is due to the fact that he is also the patron saint of the municipality. The municipality of Covelo has a long cattle raising tradition and more than 2,000 head of Rubia Gallega beef cattle graze in its pastures. As in all the rural municipalities, pigs are raised in a great many households and as it is a mountainous region the ham acquires fine quality when it is cured. The gastronomic festival is held in the Campo da Feira, which as its name suggests was the place where all the municipality's cattle fairs were held. The site is full of oak trees interspersed with gentle grass terraces with the capacity to hold 4,000 people.

Festival of the shoulder of pork with turnip tops celebrated 2nd sunday of May in Baldomar where the delicious shoulder of pork with turnip tops of the zone of Baldomar. This is an example of the authentic Galician food that is handmade and very well cared for.

Festival of the traditional chorizo in Paraños the first weekend of June. Gastronomic festival of tasting of this product served with some of the wines of the zone. There is the possibility of eating several menus from the most complete menu to a simple sandwich.  In the festival, there are other activities and music. 

In the middle of spring at the height of the explosion of nature in the region, the As Pascuillas de A Franqueira procession is held, in which every parish in Covelo and the entire regions of Condado and Paradanta take part.

Procession A Xestosa takes place in San Salvador de Prado on 2nd sunday of May and the last Sunday of august. According to the tradition people who take part in this procession that dip their hands in the water of a pre-Christian tomb are cured. This belief is based on the popular tradition that the tomb belonged to a saint and the water here proceeds from the source of the river that supplies the entire region, the Tea River.

The Virgin of Libramento is one of the most massive processions in Covelo, held in A Lamosa the 2nd Sunday of September. There are vows, people on their knees, waxy arms and legs and a myriad of all kinds of stalls, selling everything from the famous “pulpo á feira” (octopus) to Orense bread amongst many other products.

Other popular fiestas are the procession of the
Guide of Maceira 15th August and the Guide of Piñero (first Sunday in September), which inspire great religious enthusiasm.

Other festivals are:




Santo Estevo


28 e 29 March

The Virgin Sta. Cruz

Baldomar (Sta Mariña)

3 May

The Virgin Salud

Santa Mariña

First Sunday July

The Virgin Carmen


Third Sunday July

The Virgin Carmen

A Graña

Third Sunday July

Saint Santiago


25 Jully

Saint Bernabé

A Graña

 Last Sunday July

The Virgin Dolores


First Sunday  August

The Virgin Rosario


First Sunday August

The Virgin Fátima

Redondo (Barciademera)

13 August

The Virgin of Dolores


First sunday Setember

The Virgin Exclavitud


Third Sunday October

The Virgin Rosario

Prado de Canda

First Sunday October





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