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Route 1
River Xabriña route

The River Xabriña deeply outlines the aspect of this route’s landscapes. The river runs accross high natural value ecosystems,where you can also find samples of a rich traditioanal architecture mainly connected to the exploitation of water. You will have the opportunity to visit watermills, traditional irrigation ditches, and eroded paved little bridges, among other constructions.

There are also interesting traces of a past important wax making activity in the villages of Paraños and A Lamosa.

  • Route’s name: River Xabriña route. PR-G 119
  • Type of route: cyclical, with alternative road divertions in order to make a shorter walk. It is recommended to walk this route counterclockwise
    • Departure point: Village of Paraños
    • Arrival point: Village of Paraños
    • Alternative divertions: A Lamosa, Corzós, Prado da Canda
  • Difficulty: medium
  • Length: 17 kilometres
  • Estimated time: 6 hours
  • Medium: 1
  • Itinerary: 2
  • Distance: 3
  • Effort level: 3
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River Xabriña route