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Route 2
AQA route

The AQA route runs through a natural area influenced by the constant presence of water. Water gave rise to this landscape of valleys and depressions. The route will carry you through several heritage elements related to the exploitation of water, such as irrigation ditches, fountains and watermills.Some of the most interesting sites along the route are the river beach of Maceira and the church of Barcia de Mera.

  • Route’s name: AQA route
  • Type of route: lineal, with three clearly marked main stretches and a divertion. This route shows different departure points
    • Departure point: Covelo
    • Arrival point: Barcia de Mera
    • Alternative divertions: Lourido, River beach of Maceira, Redondo, Barcia de Mera
    • Divertion: Lourido - Redondo
  • Difficulty: low
  • Length: 15,6 kilometres
  • Estimated time: 6 hours
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AQA route