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Covelo, in every sense

The tourism authority of the Borough Council of Covelo brings you the opportunity to discover and enjoy its natural and ethnographic heritage through this audioguide project. Watermills, traditional irrigation ditches, sawmills, stone crosses, hills and rivers blend here as the result of a rich history and tradition.

You can easily download your audioguide in mp3 format from this site. Chose your language and download the audio files onto your mp3 player. All you need now is a map, which you can either print or obtain from the town hall’s information desk.

This audioguide will lead you through the most outstanding sites and monuments in this town. Feel free to ask for further information at the town hall. Information about Covelo

In this webpage you have at your disposal:

  • Around one hour of audio in Spanish, Galician and English, in four different routes:
  • The route maps with the main points of interest, to guide you and not let you lose your track.
  • History, legends, art, anecdotes, gastronomy... all you need to know to fully enjoy your visit.

Here you can see the map with the location of the Rías Baixas in Europa, and Covelo the province of Pontevedra:

Location map